International Women’s Day

In the spirit of celebrating women this International Women's Day, I have something to help you on your path to success.

Read on if:

You have invested blood, sweat and tears (read marketing $$) over cracking the code for a digital breakthrough.
You know there is a market out there having tasted (fleeting) success.

Getting clarity on something that seems confounding is AWESOME.

Overcoming a challenge feels GREAT.

Because it means you’re moving forward.

And getting closer to your goal.

Closer to the reason you started out on your journey in the first place.
In the spirit of celebrating women this International Women's Day, I want to help you tackle a SPECIFIC CHALLENGE as part of a new project I’m working towards.

If you have done Google searches, listened to a ton of podcasts or read a bunch of articles with mixed views and conflicting advice, you are not alone.

Our research has shown that when you are responsible for growing a business you want specific answers. So this is exactly what we’re offering.

Specific questions about any aspect of marketing that you want answered.

Here are some prompts.

I find it…
How do I...
What’s the best way...
Where would you...

How we’re going to do it

Reply to this email to submit a question
We will group questions by common themes
The questions will be tallied as most in-demand and those out there
We will pick questions to be answered in an upcoming LIVE.
If your question is picked, you’ll have a chance to dig deeper in the session.
So go on, send me those questions .
Progress happens when you knock off whatever is holding you back.

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