2021 has been quite a year. How many of you feel that you grew and learnt a whole lot more this year 🙌. I worked and connected with so many diverse and inspiring businesses and entrepreneurs—community sharing, learning and growing together, all online ofcourse. It has brought about a HUGE shift. As I reflect on the year that was, I'd love to share the top three things I am most grateful for in my professional life and what I have learnt from that.

Client Work

In my role as a Co-founder of Arrow Digital, helping clients hone in on effective marketing strategy and take it to execution has always been at the heart of what I do.

After March 2020 some of our clients that shut shop could not get back to trade. Some of these clients we had been working with for 5+ years. 2021 brought in new clients. One client, an ecommerce postpartum activewear brand, had been Facebook-focused for their advertising and wanted better returns and more sales. Feeling they'd exhausted the platform, I shared our recommendations and explored some 'out of the box' marketing options together. We switched part of their marketing budget over to Google a channel they had dropped from the mix a while ago. We were able to bring great results, driving more transactions, with a higher average order value.It was a great campaign giving us over four times return on advertising spend.

Another one that I was entrusted with was a high-end homewares and furnishing brand, popular with interior designers and architects. They had over the years used their website as brochureware to showcase their products and drive visits to their bricks & mortar store. Their openness to new ideas and experimentation, investing time to really understand their brand, and the buying motives of their target customers, we proposed a Facebook campaign—an unconventional choice at face value for B2B clients with premium positioning, but one we felt could reach them effectively. And you know what? They gained great traction, and despite a price point of $3-4k, getting orders come through without people walking into their showroom blew their minds!

I am grateful to have worked with business owners who gave us the opportunity and placed their trust.

Will you allow yourself to think outside the square? Will you give others permission to do so for you ? It's scary, but when you have someone on your side to do the research, draw from their experience, take calculated risks, go back to the drawing board when things don’t work, be your cheerleader, - you might see results that have so far been alluding.

Group Programs

One of the things I have absolutely LOVED is group mentoring programs I was invited to in 2022. The diversity of businesses I've had the pleasure of getting to know operating from metro cities to regional communities, from online-only businesses to businesses without any form of online presence at all. Yes. It's been rather eye-opening and proof that commerce is all pervading. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my learnings and run sessions for ambitious entrepreneurs with eyes on the world stage e.g. Global Market Accelerator Program and those looking to flourish and Primed to Thrive in regional areas. The format of group programs and the transfer of learning makes it possible to see how what others do in totally different industries can be applied in their business. Grateful that I could make introductions to connect entrepreneurs where I could see the synergies and sowing seeds for future partnerships between the businesses.

With that in mind, I have been busy working behind the scenes to create something truly inspiring to bring driven minds together and give them wings. I cannot wait to share more with you in 2022!

1:1 Mentoring

From working with C suites from varied sectors of the corporate world this year—second and third generation family-owned bricks & mortar businesses, small local businesses in regional towns, innovative tech ventures to female-led purposeful brands, I've had the honour to work one on one with them. I am grateful for the deep connection built during those sessions; when they let the guard down and let you in. And then those moments of BREAKTHROUGHS.

One of the things I have come to realise is everyone and I repeat everyone suffers from 'stuck moments' . When they feel they don’t have it in them to pull through. No matter our roles, reputation or our 'tough' exteriors, we all go through personal challenges with self belief and self-confidence. This is what I learnt. You are not alone. Thousands of business professionals like you feel exactly the same way, multiple times a month, week or even day!

I've found that the following things can help:

1. Accept progress over perfection (yes, it can be hard to do and I struggle with it too!)
2. Unpack the knowledge you've gained; acknowledge & applaud your list of achievements
3. Give yourself moments to 'fill your cup'. And do it without any guilt.

And if you're having trouble overcoming your 'stuck moment', there are inspiring mentors out there who'd be delighted to shine the light on what is already within you.

Wishing you a relaxing and fun-filled festive season and the very best for a new year filled with prosperity, fulfilment and growth. ✨❤️📈



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The measures taken in regards to COVID-19 continue to change daily. With that, we are also seeing changes within the digital marketing world.

This global pandemic has seen businesses halt campaigns and change their daily operations, however people are more than ever turning to online search for answers. As many companies swiftly put the brakes on media spend, it’s important to consider how this affects Google behaviours and trends as Coronavirus is shaping up to be the biggest story in Google Trends history. To put this in perspective, searches in relation to the virus are already twice as many as those of Donald Trump during the 2016 election.

Over the last few days we have seen a steady decline in cost per click for our clients across industries. This is an important metric for us as digital marketers. A lower CPC for our clients means higher ad positions and higher quality scores in turn, this allows the budgets go further.

So why are we seeing these changes in Avg. CPC?

Well, Usually CPC’s are determined by the bidding competition. But as more and more businesses pull the pin on their digital spend the competition diminishes meaning more visibility on SERP and higher ad relevance for remaining advertisers.


Why is CPC important? 

Cost-per-click is an important factor in determining the financial success of your campaigns. Since the overall ROI of your campaigns is determined by how much you’re paying for clicks and the quality of traffic they’re bringing in, it is important to think about cost per click in terms of both cost and value. You want to identify and target clicks that are both inexpensive and valuable.

Let’s first look at the Real Estate Industry. Over the last few days we have seen searches for the term “will real estate agents stay open” increase by 1,700% in the last 7 days (Correct as of 23rd March.) With the increase in searches we have seen a drop in Avg. CPC for our clients within this sector. At the start of March we recorded a CPC of $0.15, however as the month has progressed we have noticed a drop to a low of $0.06. What does this mean for the Real Estate Industry moving forward during this pandemic? As consumers become more hesitant to attend an open house, more will rely on a professional agent to schedule an appointment instead and therefore will turn to the internet for help.

The Travel and Transport industry has undoubtedly been affected by the COVID-19 breakout with restrictions put in place globally. However local taxi companies are still able to operate, an option in which increasingly more people are taking instead of the dreaded public transport. Over the past 7 days we have seen the CPC drop for our client within the private transport sector. A low of $2.62 was recorded (22nd March) where we saw this number at $2.88 a week prior. That’s a drop of $0.26 across 7 days!

The Education sector has been the topic of debate for many weeks now during the pandemic as we all understand the importance of school and further education for the workers of tomorrow. As schools begin to close their doors for the foreseeable future, online learning portals and educational material will now be available online. As can be seen below, the cost per click for our client within the Education Sector has decreased significantly over the month of March.

15th March Avg. CPC $5.35

22nd March Avg. CPC $4.28

During the Coronavirus outbreak, although many businesses will be affected, it’s important to note that some companies may see their business skyrocket with demand. Australian Manufacturing will be at the forefront of this surge. We have already recorded a decrease in CPC over the last few days for our clients within this industry.

16th March Avg. CPC $3.26

21st March Avg. CPC $2.76

So what does this mean for our clients? As we’re all aware the costs at some point will stop decreasing. Competitors will begin to  restart their Google campaigns and Coronavirus will (hopefully) be a distant memory. But for the time being we are able to generate cost effective results to those who can still trade and are brave enough to play.

Although we are all currently going through a time of panic and uncertainty both online and off it’s important that we are able to focus on these small glimmers of hope. During this time, remember that it’s not all doom and gloom and whilst your business goes through changes so does digital marketing, and right now for our clients it’s for the better.