Jasmine is regarded as an authority in Search Marketing and offers her assistance and expertise to help mid-large sized businesses.

“As someone who practices, reads and speaks on Digital Marketing, I see a lot of bad, half-baked and ill-informed advice. I don’t claim to know everything about online marketing (eg. affiliates) but I have whole lot of practical experience across industries and verticals to offer sound advice. When it comes to Digital Strategy that harnesses the power of SEO, Website Domain Authority, Social Media, Conversion Principles and Content Marketing to drive qualified traffic and business growth you will find what I share valuable, insightful and can be applied by you to get results”. Jasmine

If you have a marketing team that needs direction, expertise and action plan then drop me a line.


  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Online Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Conversion Optimization

What other’s say

Jasmine Batra has great passion and knowledge in all areas of businesss and displays an authentic and approachable style that will create further opportunities for her and her company. Jasmine is always polished and her service skillsets are of a premier standard.
Diane Falzon, Senior Publicist and Communications Specialist
I’ve used Jasmine to help my clients get more out of their websites through online marketing. Her and her team really know their stuff!
I’ve also attended a few seminars on Social Media and SEO and always get a lot out of these sessions.
Melanie Blint, Director at Engana Graphics
Jasmine is one of the very few sweet natured people who are meticulous in their tasks and good at everything that comes her way. A thorough professional and an asset to any organization or project she is engaged with.
Rahul Singh, Program Manager at NIIT

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